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  • 150 Years of Total Waste Management Experience

    In this business, having the right expertise on your side can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. Our team of waste management experts has a combined 150 years of both vendor-side and company-side industry experience.

  • Chain Operation Waste Stream Management

    We are experts in many verticals, including chain operations such as convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores and other retail outlets.

  • We Have Served 10's of Thousands of Locations

    We currently service operations in numerous industries from coast to coast in the United States & Canada. We are there for you no matter where you are.

  • We Make Money When You Save Money With Your Waste Streams

    We generate our own fees and don't get paid until savings hit your bottom line. We are your committed waste stream management advocate. We make it happen, keep it going and adjust the process as your needs evolve.

Profit From Your Waste.

We reduce your waste management costs & turn your waste streams into a profit center. Risk Free.

Waste Revelation, LLC is a highly focused niche market provider of waste, recycling and reuse management cost consulting. Our mission is to identify opportunities for savings and revenue from recycled materials and waste disposal.

Partnership is Win-Win:

Our fees are a share of the actual, verified impact our work has on your bottom line. So, unlike others who may try to "help" you save money, our incentives are completely aligned with your goals.

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Expert cost reduction:

Our experts have 150 combined years of experience in the industry – we know exactly where to find the maximum savings in your waste streams, how to actualize them, and how to optimize the whole process for cost-reduction and sustainability.

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Risk free process:

We do as much of the front-end work as we can. We don’t receive our first dime until the cost savings actually hit your books. Our work completely pays for itself out of cash flow. Guaranteed.

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Get Started:

We have proven results and enthusiastic testimonials from a broad range of companies and industries.  We’d like to show you how our partnership model can deliver dramatic bottom line results and priceless peace of mind: click here to get started with a free evaluation and consultation.

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Auditing & FinancialLine By Line Auditing & Management

Every client of Waste Revelation receives full line-by-line audits of all waste and recycling...

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Service Advocacy Lifecycle & Vendor Accountability

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